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Recent Snowy River related stories in the Media

The Weekly Times 10 Oct 2012: ‘Snowy privatisation back on the agenda’ The Weekly Times 19 Sept 2012: ‘What we learn from the Snowy’ Link to ABC Bega news story on failure of NSW Govt to re-establish Snowy Scientific Committee, it’s 12 months since the SSC’s first three year term expired. Radio National - October 13 Snowy Flows October 2011 Snowy River spring flows October 2011 story on ABC RN Bush snowy supporters sue NSW govt ABC Story Snowy Flows 2011-12 media stories: Snowy Flows 2011-12 ABC News Item Governments urged to boost Snowy environmental flows 1 Nov 2010 Another ABC news item Snowy River management 'in doubt' 1 Nov 2010 The Canberra Times article: 'Snowy going with the flow again; water debt repayments on stream' The Age - Boost in flows for parched Snowy ABC Radio News 6th Nov 2010 Public banned from Snowy announcement 4 Noc 2010 ABC Radio PM Program 6th Nov 2010 Environmental groups slam Snowy release as political spin Court battle looms over Snowy River flows - ABC 24 Jul 2010 Snowy River court action - Weekly Times 29 Jul 2010 29 Jul 2010 Victoria won't join Snowy court action - ABC 25 Jul 2010 An ABC Radio South East NSW story 23 April, 2010 on the pay out of the Mowamba Borrowings Account 23 Apr 2010 Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 6th May ABC Radio South East NSW (Bega) Tim Holt interview with David Harris Friday 7th May 2010 Ian Cohen NSW Greens on SRA and community involvement in water management 13 May 2010 Article from Bernard Keane in 15.4.10 News report on ABC Radio South East NSW Bega 16.4.10 Weekly Times Opinion. Weekly Times News. Weekly Times Cartoon. Standoff over the Snowy Legal pressure builds to let the snowy's water flow Snowy in dire state on life support