"It is our mission to obtain a true environmental flow of at least 28% for the Snowy River."

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More trouble for the Snowy – independent Scientific committee under threat

The Snowy River must count as one of Australia’s most abused rivers. Ever since the Snowy Mountain Scheme diverted 99% of the river’s headwaters for electricity generation and irrigation, the Snowy has been in trouble. The massive flows that followed the snow melt are a thing of the past and downstream communities have suffered as flows have been reduced to a trickle.

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Although sections of the upper Snowy River, below Guthega Dam and below Island Bend Dam, were scheduled in the Snowy Water Licence to receive increased flows from 2007/08 and 2009/10 respectively, none have so far been delivered. Viewers will be surprised to see the extent of environmental damage that is still permitted to the Snowy River, and in one of Australia’s most famous national parks.

Guthega Power Station

Both these photos were taken on the same day 7 November 2010. Mouse over for description

Snowy below Island Bend Dam wall, Kosciuzko National Park 7.11.10 Snowy flows at Jindabyne 7.11.10 downstream
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